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German Pavilion at Beautyworld Middle East 2018

8 – 10 May 2018 – Dubai, U.A.E.

WM Beautysystems AG & Co. KG

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WM Beautysystems has been founded in 1979. The company has 7 beauty brands in its portfolio whereof 2 are dedicated to skin care cosmetics. WM Beautysystems is a supplier of high quality cosmetics for the retail and professional market. All products are manufactured in Germany. The whole cosmetic product range is currently distributed in 23 countries on 3 continents. Wellmaxx skineffect

The new medical Beauty series redefines the Skin! It normalizes and calms the sensitive and off-balance complexion. Redness and irritation can subside, resistance is strengthened as a whole and the complexion improved. An Independent dermatological Institute confirms the compatibility for sensitive skin.

Wellmaxx cellular lift

Peptides form the basis of an intelligent anti-aging strategy. They can trigger a positive chain reaction of effects. These include promoting cellular activity and thus meeting the special needs of demanding skin.

Devee Caviar

The select combination of caviar and an anti-wrinkle complex revitalizes the natural cellular and repair functions of the Skin. Low and high molecular hyaluronic acid regenerates and tightens with unique, immediate anti-aging effect. The flawless complexion appears with new firmness and vitality.

WM Beautysystems AG & Co. KG
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