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German Pavilion at Beautyworld Middle East 2017

14 – 16 May 2017 – Dubai, U.A.E.

Anton W.C. Denker GmbH

Booth number: S1-E45

We introduce ourselves as an International Trading Company with headquarter in the centre of Hamburg, Germany spezialised in Beauty Articles. We concentrate mainly on the export of Items from Europe to overseas but are also active in imports to Europe or Crosstrades. With more than 90 years of expanding business DENKER has achieved an intimate experience and knowledge of local requirements of Markets in Europe, Middle East, Far East Asia, Australia, South Africa and Russia.Our worldwide activities are assisted by affiliated offices and representations and backed by regular visits of qualified and experienced DENKER delegates. Effective Team Work, Reliability and Confidence are the basis of our co-operation with our local and overseas business partners – a combination of tradition and experience with modern approach.

We are exporting more than 10.000 Beauty Articles especially

  • cosmetics
  • manicure / pedicure
  • combs
  • hairbrushes
  • all kind of beauty care / accessories

Furthermore we are organizing for our Manufacturers and Customers the required Documents and arange the Transport worldwide

Anton W.C. Denker GmbH
Lindenstr. 39
20099 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 2484560
Fax: +49 40 24845688

E-mail: d.dreves@anton-denker.de
Internet: www.anton-denker.de


Müller & Schmidt Pfeilringwerk GmbH

Booth number: S1-E49

PFEILRING a strong brand with history.

Back in the Middle Ages, the town of Solingen became recognized for the finest craftsmanship of metal knives, swords, scissors, razors and other precision instruments.

During medieval times, early metal work, considered as an art, was done by the “craft guilds” of steel workers. These craftsmen were trained in the art of hand metal work such as forging, bending, shaping, grinding, sharpening and olishing. Specialization of tasks, and a growing demand for precision became the Solingen way of blade making along with a high quality standard and great respect for handwork around 1900.

Since 1896, PFEILRING in Solingen has produced superior quality manicure instruments like scissors, tweezers and files, which carry a lifetime guarantee. PFEILRING is sold in 60 countries worldwide and is synonymous for high precision hand crafted manicure-instruments and cutlery.

Quality, functionality and durability have characterized PFEILRING products for over a century.

Pfeilring – leading manufacturer of manicure- and pedicure-instrumtens! Corresponding to this we offer valuable manicure-sets and noticeable presentation-Displays.

In addition to this, our cooking knifes are the best tools for professionals or amateur chefs. Manufactured by combining modern technologies, traditional craftsmanship and german premium steel.

Dittmar GOLDDACHS - is shaving with concept. Our art of shaving products represent supreme quality for all level of prices. Our wide range of shaving articles and corresponding care products cover everything, starting from showering to the daily care of your beard. Finally an assortment of finest brushes and combs completes our topping range of products.

Wellner - is the genteel table culture. Durable stainless steel 18/10, plated with 90gr or 180 gr silver, even finest 925 sterling silver. Since 1854 our programm offers always the right cutlery for enthusiasts of the well laid table.

Müller & Schmidt Pfeilringwerk GmbH
Sudetenstr. 5
42653 Solingen

Phone: +49 212 546131
Fax: +49 212 546189

E-mail: info@pfeilring.de
Internet: www.pfeilring.com