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About us

Meddrop Middle East FZ-LLC is a subsidiary of Meddrop GmbH Germany.

In Hamburg, Germany the vision of easy and effective cosmetic treatments was born. In 2013, Meddrop GmbH proudly presented the most advanced transdermal application system, combining expertise from both the medical and cosmetic market, giving Meddrop the competitive advantage to provide cutting-edge technology. SEYO is protected by several patents and some of the main ingredients have been developed in Switzerland by Meddrop Technology AG. Nowadays all products are manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

With its revolutionary TDA system and the unique substances, Meddrop has obtained great popularity worldwide. 
By 2016 Meddrop has sold over 800 Transdermal Application Systems in over 23 countries.

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Products and services

Transdermal Application – TDA is the first dermatological therapy system to transport active anti-ageing ingredients to the deepest skin layers without any pain or risks, was introduced to the United Arab Emirates by Meddrop Middles East FZ-LLC, a subsidiary of Meddrop Technology AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

Regular SEYO TDA treatments create deposits in the deepest skin layers. These encourage cell division permanently and ensure sustainably improved skin appearance. A tightening of the natural structures of the skin can be seen, and the depth of wrinkles is visually reduced. At the same time, TDA reduces gravitational wrinkles of the skin with successive treatments, gaining freshness and youth. Special after treatment creams applied at home for all skin types, means lasting benefits maintaining fresh looks in between treatments.

The treatments can range from a short 15 to 25 minutes for people who are in rush and are actively on the go, to longer sessions lasting 50 minutes and to a relaxing long 75 minutes’ sessions.



TDA stands for “transdermal application”, and represents the world’s first dermatological - aesthetical therapy system that transports anti-aging active ingredients into the deepest skin layers non-invasively without needles, cuts or surgery of any kind.

SEYO Dermabrasion

SEYO Dermabrasion

The treatment begins after a facial cleansing with the SEYO Dermabrasion. This process involves removal of dead skin cells gently and efficiently clearing the way for the application of the TDA active ingredients available for all skin types.

Mitocell Range

Mitocell Range

Mitocell hyaluronic recovery serum, 20 ml
This extraordinary serum works to thoroughly optimize extrinsically aged skin. It promotes the development of the extracellular matrix, stimulates deep regeneration, tightens the skin and reduces wrinkle depth.

Mitocell rich & nourishing all day cream, 50 ml
Extrinsically aged, damaged skin requires a lot of protection and care. Working to nourish cells, this rich day cream is perfectly adapted to the task.


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Meddrop Middle East FZ-LLC
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