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About us

The Brand MBR ® – medical beauty research ® MBR – skin care at the frontier of medicine. The Beauty concept of MBR begins where ordinary skin care ends. MBR was established in 1999 as a German entrepreneurial initiative in co-operation with pharmacologists and leading aesthetic physicians. The target: The revolution of skin care. MBR is proven right by its unique story of success. The uncompromising quality in connection with the most important fields of the cosmetic industry (high-quality skin care products, leading, first-class perfumeries/ cosmetic institutes and aesthetic surgery) leads to the sensational results. The recipe for success of MBR – skin care products are the result of intense research, in combination with the experience of leading pharmacologists and aesthetic physicians. The highest standards be required regarding the ingredients and production. These are products with the highest effect concentration at optimal skin compatibility. For the highly effective preparation only the best active ingredients are utilized for the daily beauty care.

Products and services

Production and distribution of cosmetics. MBR® – medical beauty research® – Skin care at the frontier of medicine starts where normal skin care ends. MBR is the result of intensive cosmetics research with the focus on skin ageing and anti-ageing. As a German TÜV certified company, it is part of MBR‘s philosophy only to use the best ingredients in the highest possible concentration while ensuring optimum skin compatibility under strict adherence to these guidelines. MBR products have always been developed in collaboration with recognized experts in the fields of:

  • Plastic surgery and dermatology
  • Biochemistry
  • Toxicological and microbiological

Because of its focus on research and development, MBR has pioneered and continues to pioneer the most effective generation of dermo-cosmetic products at a at present. Groundbreaking findings in basic research have prompted MBR to a complete revision of all products. The result: MBR „New Generation“, because the claim is always to achieve the best that is possible.

The Perfect Collection

The Perfect Collection

The MBR® principle of perfekt Skincare, OPEN – TREAT – CLOSE.
OPEN – Enzyme Cleansing Booster
TREAT– Liquid Surgery Serum®
TREAT (SPECIAL) – Pure Perfection 100 N® Perfect Liquid Mask

Liquid Surgery Serum®

Liquid Surgery Serum®

A revolutionary serum that transforms the Skin with an intense combination of ingredients based on a medical synthetic Oxygen carrier, only found in Liquid Surgery Serum. Get your cells in the perfect condition and look amazing after one cure.



BioChange® − Don‘t give age a chance
Basic care for promoting regeneration and animation of the skin‘s own cell functions.This modern and highly effective care concept is the scientific and reliable solution for the restoration
of exhausted, tired skin, to boost regeneration and to revive the skin‘s own cell functions.


MBR Medical Beauty Research GmbH
Edelhofweg 8–9
08301 Bad Schlema

Phone: +49 3772 935280
Fax: +49 3772 3952819

Terez Mlincsek
Export Manager
Phone: +49 173 3667134

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